Basic Knowledge of Mobile Application

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There are three different types of mobile apps:

Mobile Apps type

(1) Native apps

Native app means which type of app that platform is individual like android and iOS

Example of Native app: (1) Android (2) iOS

 (2) Web apps

A Web application means that app is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface.

Example of web app: (1) Netflix (2) Ever note (3) Think drop box (4) Gmail

 (3) Hybrid apps

A hybrid application is combination of native and Web applications. Hybrid apps mostly used their framework.

Example of Hybrid framework: (1) React Native (2) Ionic (3) Phone Gap (4) Xamarin

Let’s we can get some knowledge about hybrid framework

(1) React Native

React Native is open-source platform building Native and hybrid app. it is built on java script.

Example of React Native : (1) wall mart (2) Facebook (3) Instagram (4) Ubereats

(2) Ionic

Ionic is widely used framework for deployment of mobile Apps.Ionic is getting free of cost. It is mostly used client side framework that helps building native combination like HTML, css3 and JavaScript.

(3) Phone gape

Phone gap will compile our app using sdk of the platform and we can install on other major platforms like android, iOS, and blackberry.

(4) Xamarin

It helps to create hybrid app for multiple operating system sharing C# codebase, IDE, language, and APIs. It provides a varied range of native UI, API access, and better performance.

Benefits of Using Native Apps:

(1) Best performance

Native app performance are good and very fast because that build on specific platforms and their platform using core compile languages and API.

(2) More secure

Web app running on different brewers and technologies such as Html, Css and Java-Script. That also guaranty provide to their user reliable data protection.

(3) Allow to Access full features of devices

They app to allow access to their users like Camera, microphones and GPS etc.Their particular platform full advantages of software and operating system features.

Benefits of Using Web Apps:

(1) Easily supported all devices

We can using web app to Access any time and any where to our work with connected internet. It is a best point to using web app.

(2) Scalability

It is a good benefits for us we can easily add one more license in second. No extra need to installation and configuration.

(3) Price

It is benefit for us we can get from reliable price. It consists of creating a link or several links between the application and an URL. Developing a native app or an interpreted app entails a higher cost but that chances to succeed are far greater.

Benefits of using Hybrid Apps

(1) High –Performance

Hybrid app performance is high than native app and responsive website. It is run quickly speed to their simple amount users.

(2) Simple-backend

A hybrid app provides the most of what native UX offers along with keeping back-end structure simple.

(3) Offline Support

When users lose their network connection hybrid apps features provide to them offline support


Competition is increasing in digital market every day. We learned in these content three types of hybrid, native and webapp with their benefits Hybrid mobile apps not only resolves the problem of targeting each platform with separate native apps but also helps find quickest spot in online app store market.

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